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Booking Procedures:


All hunts will be held on a verbal commitment for 7 days. Deposits can be paid by personal check to 5K Outfitters. Balance of hunt is to be paid in camp at time of arrival, cash only. All deer hunts require $1000 deposit. Turkey and Predator hunts require a $200 deposit.

Arrival & Departure:


All incoming hunters should arrive at camp after 4:00 PM the evening before your hunt starts. Be sure to have dinner before you arrive as meals will start on the first day of your hunt.

Fair Chase:


5K Outfitters is a 100% fair chase outfitter. We only hunt by ethical means and follow all State of Kansas rules and regulations. All clients are expected to abide by these rules and regulations as well.

Hidden Fees or Trophy Fees: THERE ARE NONE!

Your Responsibilities:


- Obtain all proper licenses and tags.

- All hunters must sign liability waiver.

- All hunters born after 1957 must have a hunter safety card.

- Always wear a safety harness.

Immature Buck Fine:


5K Outfitters is committed to growing trophy class bucks. Therefore we strive to shoot bucks in excess of 135 inches. Bucks that do not make a minimum of 135 inches will be fined $750.

Wounded Animals:


Our company policy on wounded animals . If you draw blood that is your animal and your hunt is over. We will go above and beyond in assisting hunters blood track / grid & body search for wounded animals.


Remember to Bring These Items:


- Camo Gear   

- Knee High Rubber Boots

- Snake Boots (Early Muzzleloader/Turkey Season)

- Shooting Sticks (Crossbow and Gun Hunters)

- Bright Flashlight

- Camera

- Coolers for Meat Transportation

- Licenses & Tags

- Safety Harness

- Binoculars & Range Finder 

- Hunter's Orange (Gun Season Hunters)

- Scent Free Soaps, Detergents, Deodorants

- Rain Gear

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